Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Love Life, and Net Worth of Elijah Judd

Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Love Life, and Net Worth of Elijah Judd

Elijah Judd was born in Nashville, Tennessee on December 23, 1994, and is a well-known celebrity, media personality, musician, and vocalist. People primarily recognize him as the eldest son of the renowned American vocalist Wynonna Judd. Judd rose to prominence in 2022 due to the demise of his popular singer-grandmother Naomi Judd.

According to the reports, she died due to mental illness on April 30, 2022. When she died, she was 76 years old. After her passing, many people began seeking her relatives. After Naomi Judd’s passing, the focus turned to her grandchildren. Are you interested in learning more about Elijah Judd’s life? We will discuss significant aspects of his life if you stick around until the end.

Elijah Judd’s Biography Information

As stated previously, Elijah commemorates his birthday on December 23 each year. The celebrity child celebrated his 27th birthday with family and friends this year. He has a strong bond with his parents and siblings.

He attended a local elementary school in his community for his primary education with his siblings. Elijah Judd graduated from a prestigious university. He did not, however, disclose the name of the institution. Therefore, we can only provide you with some of these details. However, we will update all new information as soon as we can access it.

Elijah Judd Biography/ Wiki

Elijah Judd Biography

Actual NameElijah Judd

Not Known Famous for Being the Son of Wynona Judd

Birth Date: January 23, 1994. Age: 28 (as of 2022)

Profession Child star and media personality, and musician

Nashville, Tennessee, United States, location of birth

Current Residence: Tennessee, United States Educational Institution:

Nationality: American Approximate Net Worth: $1 million

Status Married Girlfriend or SpouseElizabeth Williams

Religion Christianity

Zodiac sign Capricorn

Ethnicity White Parents Father Mr Arch Kelley IIISiblings of Mrs Wynnona Judd (mother)Grace Pauline Kelley (sister)

Social MediaTikTok, Instagram, Facebook

What Concerns His Family, Elijah Judd?

Fans of Wynonna Judd must be aware that Elijah is her oldest son. His father is the renowned former actor Arch Kelley III. So both of his parents are involved in the entertainment industry.

Wynnona, the mother of Elijah, is a renowned vocalist. People are most familiar with her songs “I Saw the Light,” “She Is His Only Need,” and “Cool Ya” are popular songs.” and “No One Else on Earth,” among others. Many of you were likely unaware that Elijah has a younger sibling, Grace Pauline Kelley. Nevertheless, she is currently serving her sentence for violating the terms of her probation.

In addition to being a drug dependent, some media sources assert she is also a drug distributor. Additionally, Elijah has a close relationship with his grandparents, Naomi Judd and Charles Jordan. Elijah’s religious affiliation is Christian. He was born with American nationality.

Description of Elijah Judd’s Physical Appearance

If you are a devotee of Elijah Judd, you must be curious about his appearance, correct? You’ve come to the correct location, as we will share pertinent information here. His height is approximately 1.75m or 5 feet 9 inches.

The celebrity has a fantastic physique and works out frequently to remain in shape. He weighs about 64 kilograms (141 pounds). His hair is short and chestnut, and his eyes are blue. Judd’s ears are pierced, but he has no tattoos.

Significant Aspects of Elijah Judd’s Profession

As you are aware, Judd prefers to keep a low-key social profile. Therefore, the youthful celebrity has provided few details about his personal and professional life. In addition, he is unavailable on all social media platforms. Consequently, it is extremely difficult to find information about his career.

Consequently, some media sources assert that his family is involved in the music industry. Consequently, it is conceivable that he is also involved in this industry. In 2006, he also assisted his mother with her album titled “A Classic Christmas.” Additionally, Elijah assisted his other family members in their endeavours. However, he prefers to remain out of the limelight and live comfortably with his loved ones.

Who is dating Elijah Judd?

Significant Aspects of Elijah Judd’s Profession

Fans of Elijah Judd are undoubtedly curious about his current relationship status. You’ve come to the correct location, as we will reveal some salacious details about her romantic life here. You must have realized by now that he does not reveal personal details on his public platform.

Therefore, after much investigation and research, we determined that Judd was engaged to his partner in 2017. In fact, after three years of engagement, Elijah and Hailey Williams have chosen September 19, 2020, as their wedding date. It was a private ceremony witnessed by immediate family members. Therefore, they are living peacefully with their family in an opulent home.

Some Interesting Facts About Wynnona Judd, Elijah Judd’s Mother

Very few individuals have yet to hear of the renowned singer Wynona Judd. However, many of you likely were unaware that her real name is Christina Claire Ciminella. She is, in fact, one of the best-known and most-awarded female country vocalists.

In addition, all of her solo albums and singles are credited to Wynnona. In the 1980s, she became prominent alongside her mother in the country music duet “The Judds.” In addition, they released seven albums on Curb Records and 26 singles, fourteen of which reached number one.

How much is Elijah Judd worth?

The grandson of Naomi Judd currently resides in a wealthy and gorgeous residence with his wife and children. According to the source, he assists his wife with housekeeping and cooking regularly. In addition, he possesses several branded automobiles and various electronic devices. This indicates that he earns fairly well.

Even though the celebrity has not confirmed his net worth, we can estimate it to be approximately $1 million.

FAQs About Elijah Judd

Who is Elijah Judd?

He is an American musician, youth celebrity, and media personality.

How old is Elijah Judd?

As of 2021, he is currently 27 years old.

Who is the widow of Elijah Judd?

Elijah and Hailey Williams sealed the knot in 2020.

How much is Elijah Judd worth?

His wealth is one million dollars.

How many offspring does Wynnona Judd have?

Wynnona Judd is the mother of a son and a daughter.

Ending Note

Therefore, Elijah Judd is currently one of the most popular celebrity children. As the eldest son of the renowned musician and vocalist Wynona Judd, he is well-known around the globe. Like his mother, he is associated with the music industry.


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